Already there...

When traveling through life, we often wonder (and agonize) as to when we will get "there." Many times throughout my own life, I have wondered this very thing and, yet, now I am wondering where "there" is? I mean...really if we think about it, there is no "there" just as there is no "here" There is no real today, tomorrow, or yesterday. When tomorrow arrives, it will be today and then today will be yesterday. Truly it is the desire for things to be named that runs our reality and "there" is just one more name.

We are "there" just as we are "here." There is not a linear path that gets us from one to the other but rather the experiences that we are experiencing. We, ourselves, are not moving. Here is there and vice versa. Some may say that this kind of circular conversation is what is most confusing, when in actuality, it is the most clear.

We are...we are here, we are there. Our being takes up space in this place and we encompass it all. Our minds determine where we are and we send out our spiritual shoots to become grounded. The more we realize that our reality is what we make of it, the more we settle into who we are and our potential to become.

The only way that we can truly be "there" is to realize that we are "here" and, frankly, there is no place that I would rather be.


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