A Creative Life...

Fear is an amazing feeling and by amazing, I don't mean a great feeling, I just mean that it has amazing power. Fear can be both constructive and destructive. Fear can be a driving force in decision making and how one lives their life. Fear can also be a roadblock to the creative process or drive one into a frenzy, spinning towards nowhere.

Each of us, as humans, often stand in places where we don't want to admit that we have fear. So many view it as a weakness, somehow lessening us. In many ways, admitting that we have fear actually strengthens us, shows our deep and true character. Having (and admitting) to being afraid shows that we are willing to take risks and be open.

One of our greatest fears is the fear of being wrong. We think that somehow being "wrong" means that we have lessened our status...when in actuality, the concept of wrong versus right is another discussion to be agreed upon. Having this type of courageous ad deep discussion does not lessen our status, but rather strengthens it with many.

Living a creative and complete life is one worth striving for. A well rounded person knows that creativity is holding the balance in so many areas of different people's lives. Expressing our true desires and feelings can open deep conversations about how we let others experience a life that is within our orbit.

This willingness to have deep conversations about practice and feelings, can keep us connected and grounded. It's when there are those floating around the stratosphere, disconnected from all those around, unusual feelings can come up. These feelings can occasionally turn destructive. 

I believe that in order for groups to move forward, we need to support others who are starting on this journey, understanding that each experience is different, each of our strengths and weaknesses are different, but our objective is the same...

This is about living a creative life because, after all, a creative life is a well rounded life. With each of us on board with that conversation, we will all have access to the (not so private) life of others, and, if so, support them along the way. In my life this allows us to be one earth, one community.


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