Planning for a family vacation has many different elements: making sure you have the right clothing, packing enough food, making sure you have all contingencies thought of. Traveling with a medically fragile child adds an entirely different layer: making sure you have twice the supplies you need, thinking of as many different issues that could happen, trying to plan ahead. 

On the first day of our trip, our cutest boy's humidifier broke. This is an essential piece of equipment for his respiratory health. Humidifiers help his lungs stay moist so he doesn't get plugs which could inhibit his breathing. 

Luckily I am married to a somewhat McGuyver who can make a humidifier out of a coffee pot (or who knows what else!) Needless to say, after a week and a half one gets nervous that we are missing this essential piece of equipment. 

Times like this have me reflecting upon life throwing curveballs your way and the need to respond. Really there are only two ways, stand up and find a solution or curl up in a ball and avoid. 

When things are challenging, our true self comes to light. Who do you want to be? Now is the time...


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