The sound of a broken fan...

As I am writing on my beloved computer, all I can hear is the sound of (what I hope ) is a broken fan. Years ago my husband (and kids) bought this computer as a gift for Mother's Day. I was thrilled because my work computer life and home computer life would now work harmoniously together.

Now, years later, it is slowly falling apart. The screen is losing it's light and I hear the constant humming of what I hope is only a broken fan.

My computer is a bit like life...some days we seem new and shiny, thrilled with what is in front of us, and other days we are gunked up, making noise, and stuck.

We move slowly, waiting for someone to clear out our filters so we can freely move again, see the light, work correctly, smoothly. This is where I am right now...gunked up. With just two short weeks before returning to school, I am trying to clear out so I can be in my finest form.

A summer of traveling has left me refreshed, exhausted and overwhelmed. After a rough year, I want to be fresh and clear to begin...I want all the residue to be washed away, bringing clarity.

There are people in our lives that are like the breath of fresh air that will blow through the grates in our lives, purging it of the muck that has inhabited our mind, body and soul.

I am broken fan...I am ready for the air to freely flow and to feel like I am functioning properly again...I am ready to feel free to to be...


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