Thank you...

This is my 224th blog post since January 8. I could probably figure out the number of days that I have misses, but I am pretty confident that it was two. Blogging has become a sort of therapy...a way to clear the thoughts that, for years, have kept me from sleeping. It is a part of my commitment to learn to still my mind. It has been an amazing experience and continues to be...

The part I didn't expect? Readers. There are people who follow my blog, read it almost every day. this is both awe-inspiring and humbling. When I see that over 15,000 have visited my page, it is overwhelming.

So, tonight, is a thank you...Thank you for making my words part of your day...thank you for giving me your input...thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say.

For all you do, for all you are, for all that you continue to be to me...Thank you!!!


  1. Thanks to you for all the amazing and heartwarming stories. I am so stressed as I think about school on Monday and you give me hope that it will be ok.


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