Register here please...

Today was registration day at my school...I went in for a few hours to help our school secretaries by manning a table at the front of the cafeteria. It was great to see former students, returning students, and new students. I filled our a registration form for a mother who only speaks Vietnamese, walked through the process with a father who only speaks Somali, and handed our forms to parents that only speak Spanish. Ours is a multicultural school, one with many languages, many cultures representing many nations.

Registration is such a strange practice...all students come and "speak their name" into the space.
While sitting today, it made me think of the MTM-CNM do they speak their name into their space?

Having Myotubular Myopathy or Centronuclear Myopathy might mean that you don't speak, or you speak quietly using your literal voice and yet each of these children (adults) often speak volumes with their actions or quiet words. Speaking your name into a space gives you identity, marks your presence into a place where you have not physically or emotionally lived before.

Each one of us wants to make our mark, be recognized and acknowledged. Each of those affected wants the same...sadly, sometimes I think that our world is not yet ready. In order for each and everyone be to able to make this mark, all areas need to be available to them. We need to continue to encourage those around us to give all our students an opportunity to have their voice heard, to speak their name into the Universe.


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