Let your light shine...

Tomorrow we have a unique opportunity to take part in a Courageous Conversations workshop. There are some in my building who have already gone through this important training, while most of the others have not. I am intrigued about this training, especially with the high number of students that are in our district that come from homes in poverty, are of another ethnic group, or a combination of both. I am hoping that people, including myself, will begin to see how they can work with all students in a better, more equitable way. I like to think that I do a decent job, but, as with anything, one can always improve!
These conversations, looking at opening our world to a better understanding, are crucial to moving forward. One can think of them as cracks that are letting in the light that is so crucially needed. This light washes over us in an attempt to show us the way.

There are so many that blindly walk in the dark, unsure of where they are being directed. Things may be said and blind movement is made toward the muffled sound. In order to provide clarity, light must be seen, even if only from fine, hairline cracks. Feeling that a realm of safety has been created is essential...

Once a glow of light is upon you, the light warms the space. This golden warmth expands enveloping us in it's softness, wrapping us in a cloud-like blanket. This comfort provides the safety net that allows those courageous conversations, once shamefully hidden away, to be openly discussed providing an opportunity for harmony both in the cracked space and within each one of us.


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