Believe in Yourself...Be You...

This weekend is the last opportunity I have to get away. Normally, I have to tell you, I would be freaking out at the possibility of leaving the weekend before work starts. I would have already begun camping in my classroom, organizing like crazy. It would have been on but this weekend I am going away. I am expecting to spend some quality time at the kiddie pool with the cutest boy and my 94 year old grandmother. Those two, not only "get" each other, but also move at about the same speed!

As I am mentally preparing to throw our clothes together in the morning, I am already thinking a bit about this fall and what I am bringing to my educational table. Last year, I really worked at stilling the mind. It was an appropriate time to have that goal, although a difficult one, but this year it is time for something different (although I will continue to work on stilling the mind)...this year I am going to really work on just being myself.

Last year, there were too many times that I got caught up in the drama of the events, sometimes misbehaving and not acting like myself. This year, I want to be true to not only who I am, but also who I want to be seen as. I want to be a beacon that standing for Believing in Yourself...Being You.

I think it is imperative that children see this as so important because, although we'd often like to act (or not act like others), we truly have only one choice...being ourselves. We can't hide our true selves, although if we don't like who we are, we can work on improving. Ultimately, in the end, we only have one choice...Be You!

Believe in who you you!


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