Being a mom...

School starts in twenty days...not that I am counting. In twenty days my "mom load" goes from the children that reside in my house and the ones that reside in the house of my heart to a group of up to two hundred hormonal teenagers at school. In a short period of time, I will become a mother to many...

Teaching is much more than a is a calling. I have spent over twenty years honing my craft. Each day waking up, knowing that my job is to be one that opens the world of education...making the world and the knowledge contained within it more reachable.

I was one of these students, coming from a place of poverty, with a mother who was crazy. Life, a living cartoon through those middle years. School was a place of solace, a place of sanity. Teachers my light to my future. I know that some of my students are feeling the same way. Their summer filled with chaos, looking for some sanity, school becomes the steady place, the place of predictability. I guess in some ways it becomes my bearing too. Summer is fun, but at times I too feel like I am floating about, waiting for the steady pulse of learning.

In twenty days I will welcome new children, my yearly allotment. Some of these I will make a life long connection with, them returning year after year, making me a part of their lives, while others will come and go through my class rarely to be seen again.

Being a mother has been one of the greatest and most difficult jobs I have ever done...and every year, I get to start again with a new group of children. I have just one hundred and eight days to impart all the knowledge I content area is math, but I really just want to teach them how to be more than they ever imagined...


  1. New to your blog and found you on GBE:2. :)

    I didn't read anything but this post, but I gather you are a teacher as well as a mom? More power to you woman. I am a single mom of 3 great kids, and I couldn't imagine teaching, it really is a calling. And speaking for myself, I wouldn't have the patience. Especially high school kids. They are all different and unique in their own way and all separately and all come with challenges!

    Here's to a good, stress-free year :)

  2. Amen Shannon, have a marvelous year with your new crop of trusting souls. Your commitment will last a lifetime.


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