Assemble the Minions...

Today I went into school to do some work on the planner. This year we are trying to produce it in house to save some money and have more control over what is in it. Technically we don't return to work for another week, yet I found myself in good company. Multiple teachers were in the building, getting classrooms ready, working on lesson plans and so on. It makes one think...are we the minions?

I'd like to think that there are multiple levels on minion-esqe one extent, we, as teachers, are absolutely the minions, but then we also gather our own student minions. Truly the movie, Despicable Me, has made being a Minion, less of a negative and, at least cute and possibly even funny!

I have already been getting messages from past students, texts and snap chats coming in. It is getting to be that time. I will work at assembling my own army of minions, but, I guess, I am comfortable being a type of minion too! So..."keep calm and gather your minions" will be the advice I give to my fellow teachers, after all...we need a little help too!


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