A clean house...

My house is a mess. I think that the craziness of last year is totally reflected in the state of my house. I will admit that I will never be known as a clean freak or even as one whose house it a beacon of house cleaning, but it is really over the top right now. I think that there are parts of our lives that reflect our inner turmoil.  For me, it is my house, especially my "closet." Ok, to be fair my closet is really a bedroom that is a huge disaster. In my mind, it is clean and organized...it's a place I love to go. In my dreams, this is a place that I have some space for me...maybe some crafting things, my home business supplies and so on, but right now it is just piles of stuff in no order whatsoever.

This has been a great summer filled with relaxation and family time. I have tried to let go of the worries and struggles of last year, move to a better emotional and mental space....now it's time to take care of business. Letting go can be difficult...worry and second guessing often come to the forefront, but letting go is crucial...one cannot move forward without it.

This summer I have had to do emotional rebuilding, letting go of hurts and the like cluttering my heart. Now it's time to start uncluttering my home, taking control back in a place where clutter is taking over. Purging the things I no longer need will not only clean up my house, but clear my mind as well.

It is time...time to make a fresh beginning, clean up, and begin again. This could be the turnaround year, for my career, for my life. I am ready...ready to give my all, push the limits, work harder, but I think I need to do this with a clean house.


  1. good luck with everything!
    I always find a big cleanout and de-cluttering so uplifting and inspiring X

  2. Stopping in from UBC...

    It's amazing how de-cluttering one's home de-clutters one's mind and soul. There is something to be said about the Chinese art of feng shui. Energy that has long been stagnant by being trapped in clutter suddenly releases itself to bring about much needed calm.

    I wish you all the best as you de-clutter on all levels.
    Penny McDaniel

  3. I clean my closet and I feel fantastic. I clear off the kitchen counter and Rob wipes it out in seconds.


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