Women unite...

We are our own worst enemy...women. When boys disagree, they fight it out, shake hands and move it on. Women, on the other hand, have a tendency to bury their feelings and put on a nice face for others. As a woman, I admit that I have done this before...pretending that all is okay when it is not...looking good on the outside while suffering on the inside. As I am looking inward, I realize that this is an area where I have struggled. I did not learn how to deal with women in my early life and as a result, this has been a challenge. As I think about it, I believe that many women have this struggle...we are not encouraged to work together in the same ways, but show we are "strong" in order to get on top. Strength usually means being the winner. It is sad overall.

My journey of discovery involves building friendships, being more open and honest, learning how to work with other women in a way that is not competitive, but rather collaborative. Women are powerful creatures yes we give up our power, we let others control us or we control one another through our pettiness or anger. Sadly, mothers often pass this to their daughters...not on purpose, but we often pass our own insecurities to our own daughters.

Each of us has the power to make a huge impact as individuals...imagine if we could genuinely put our differences aside our personal agendas, our needs to compete and win, and genuinely work together...we could rock the world...

Let the rocking begin!


  1. Great post and so true Shannon. I've been working with women for over 20 years on this issue. As women we have lots of power and together we can light up the world.


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