Unquestionable Wonder...

Today was one of those crazy days...the first (full) day of the Model Schools Conference 2013, talks with many wonderful people, coffee that the coffee bar remembers (one of the girls said she tried it after I left the other day!!), and a four hour walk along the National Mall...it was pretty glorious.

I am really working on looking at our new world...a way for us all to work together toward a common goal. Realistically, it might be a bit of a challenge, but it is time to let the past (even if it is near) go and move forward...rebuilding...

There is something bigger here...more than about me or another...it's not about our feelings or whether we like each other or whether we would choose to hang out together at a bar. This is about making a move, being ready for the winds of change. It is time...we need to lay down our arms (not literal ones though, please) and be ready...be ready to have a transformational year. A turnaround year...no agenda, no hidden moves, just a plan to make our school year amazing!!

Regareless who brings the teams, it doesn't matter. This si about making our school better so that it benefits the teachers, students, parents. This is about teaching children better and, in turn, teaching them more...

This is about finding a community with a common goal! This is it...I am ready coach...take me off the bench. This is indeed the turnaround year! i can't wait!


  1. For a minute there, I forgot you were talking about a school..... Your sentiments could easily apply to the rest of life ;)

    visiting via UBC


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