The Elephant in the Room...

There is a place, where people roam, talk and laugh, but the elephant also lives there. No one looks at it, no one talks about it, but it is there. The elephant stands majestically, hovering above all as if flying, weightless from gravity. People look about, wondering, who might slip and talk about the elephant, the color of it's skin, the timbre of it's trumpet. Standing in the corner, swaying it's trunk from side to side, everyone carefully moves so not to disturb or draw attention to the elephant. It stand, watching the crowd with it's beady black eyes, wondering, patiently, when it will be released from the man-made trappings binding it.

It is beautiful and ugly and painstakingly present throughout all other events. People come and go, but with them travels the elephant...waiting to be acknowledged, dealt with, and sent on it's way. It is an elephant, not thinking or wondering, but rather waiting for someone to say, "Hey, anyone notice the elephant in the room?"...let's take care of that first!


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