That's How I Roll...

"That's how I roll..." A phrase such as this has so many meanings, "That's how I do things," "That's what you could expect from me," or literally "That's how I roll (as in using a wheelchair)." This has been a week where each and every one of those meanings has been true.

Life can bring with it many unexpected twists and turns...choosing how to handle those twists and turns can say something about who you are as a person, your character. It shows how you roll. How you react, who you are when life brings about rough times, shows your true character, it shows how you roll.

This last week I have been surrounded by young people in wheelchairs...many of these young people struggling with issues far beyond anything that many of us deal with every day. Their health and strength is challenged every day, yet they continue to "roll."

We could learn a lesson (or two or three) from these young people...when you are challenged or life becomes do you roll?


  1. I usually roll into a ball and hide. I am working on having good posture and facing my challenges head on.
    Thank you for the reminder to continue to roll.


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