This Land that we Love

How beautiful this land we love
We cherish all good people of

With pride we call this home our own
Oh how our seed of freedoms grown

American is what we are
Our time has nurtured us so far

For truth and justice we do strive
Our laws are meant to not deprive

We know we’re not the perfect place
As we are of the human race

In God we trust along our way
His goodness near, both night and day

So please do stop and pray awhile
Ask help in facing each new mile

And now I’ll end with words so clear
Concerning freedom we hold dear

Let Grateful Thought – Well Deep Inside
For Soldiers Brave – Our Country’s Pride

I found this poem tonight and it struck a nerve...Spending time in DC with my son and his girlfriend, watching the fireworks near the Washington Monument, reminds me of what a great country we can be. If we can remember to open our minds, help those less fortunate, go forth with love and caring, expect the unexpected, and extend a hand to others.

It is time for us to remember the bigger mission...we are the human race, imperfect, but striving. Let us make a commitment for this year...freedom for to be


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