Be Awesome!!

We all have choices as to how we will respond to different events in our life. We might yell and stomp, curl up in the corner and cry, some combination of both, or we all have a third choice...Being Awesome!

This summer I went to the Model Schools Conference in Washington DC and saw Ray McNulty speak (he is really worth hearing talk!). One of his mantras is that we only have to do three things each day: 1) Wake Up, 2) Be Amazing, 3) Go to Sleep. One could exchange "Be Amazing" with "Be Awesome" and get similar results. Each and every day, we need to be awesome. Whatever the day brings, we must look in a direction where "amazing" and "awesome" live...choosing anything else is a waste of our mental energy.

As I am on this journey, many things have been impressed upon me. One of these is that this is our one shot at life and we cannot look back, especially with regret. Wasting time being sad, frustrated, or irritated does nothing for your mental, emotional, or physical condition.

We must choose a more positive path...the path of Being Awesome, because that is the path where there are no limits and incredible things happen...

That's where you'll find me...being awesome!


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