A hand to hold...

Today the cutest boy had a few visitors...I was in town learning about Special Education Law, but he was having the time of his life. His favorite friend, the One in Seven Billion girl, came to see him, as well as his grandparents. From the pictures, it looks like a great time was definitely had by him and maybe them all as well!

I am reminded, as I uncover the lessons I am to learn, that truly the most important thing that we need is a hand..someone to give us physical contact. It is such a crucial piece that so many of us take for granted, personal touch.

Personal touch can be healing, bring comfort, encouragement, honor sadness, bring joy. I believe that personal touch is often looked over as unimportant. Imagine if you were very ill and in the hospital...would you rather have a hands-off policy or the caring personal touch that friends and family often bring?

I am thinking that you would prefer the second option...why not bring that same joy to someone else..."Be the change you want to see in the world". ~Ghandi


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