The Butterfly and the Cocoon...

One day a mand found a cocoon of a butterfly. He took it home to watch over it  and noticed that a small opening had appeared. The man watched the butterfly struggle for many hours. He watched as the butterfly struggled to push it's body through the small opening. Ater several hours, it quit struggling..knowing it could not go one any further.

One day the man decided that he would help the butterfly and cut a small hole in the cocoon. After he opened the hole, he continued to watch. It easily emerged from the cocoon, but had a swollen body and shriveled wings. He continued to watch every day, expecting for the body to shrink and the wings to grow. Nothing a matter of fact, the butterfly kept struggling and was never able to fly.

For the rest of the butterfly's life, it was never able to do more than hobble around, most likely because  it was released from the cocoon too soon. The struggle and the constriction, required by the butterflies wings to expand, helped compress the bogy allowing the wings to spread.

Moral: Sometimes we are in need to struggles to make us us fly.

Here's to learning how to fly again!


  1. Never heard this before. Really good analogy. Like how diamonds are made from pressed coal. Without the pressure and the heat, the diamonds do not form.


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