Southern Illinois to Home

Today was visit the college day. Stesha got to do a meet and greet with everyone in the Club Sports/ Intramurals office. A little wigged out that everyone seemed to know who she was but clearly everyone is great there. 

After a very long meet and greet, we were taken to lunch for pizza!! It was amazing!!

Next on our agenda was to meet up with the "potential' roommate" Joanna...lets just say the she is not a potential anymore but rather full fledged!! We looked at a few houses, they agreed on one they liked, an application was completed and now a third roommate is being searched for. Overall an excellent beginning to Stesha's journey. 

One more time for frozen custard (for me)...and we were off to the airport. It was a breeze dropping off the car and going through security...we charged our phones and waited for boarding. 

I am now writing from the plane on the way to Phoenix. We have a short layover and then head to Portland. 

I will post this from Phoenix and tomorrow will post pictures!!

Journey to Southern Illinois #1...success!!


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