Odd and Imperfect...

 If I could describe my life, it would definitely be odd and imperfect...I wouldn't have it any other way. When the eye qualifies something as beautiful, it is often because the object is symmetrical and "pleasing to the eye." I, on the other hand, find the most beautiful things to be those that are a bit odd or unusual. They have character...they are touchable, relatable.

Looking through my life, I realize it is filled with the odd and imperfect...people, situations, things. I am staggered by the beauty of others, but find I am most drawn to those who reveal something different and unique about themselves. The crack of humanness, the oddness of our inner beings, is where I find my true connections. Vulnerability combined with strength draws me in...a sense of odd and imperfect. The combination of hard and soft, dark and light, is fascinating...so much that I need to keep myself in check as to not be sucked in. Being drawn toward this combination can, at times, put me at an emotional risk that I am often unable to see until I am far too close.

The juxtaposition of odd and imperfect versus beautiful and perfect, can be viewed in so many areas of life. Finding order and peace, gathering representations of life, desiring predictability. When looking through the lens of a fascinating life, I realize that my desire for the unique can bring a depth not often found elsewhere. It is easy being beautiful, the doors opening easily, whereas odd and imperfect, often bring about more challenges. When one is odd and imperfect, it must also be paired with confident and seeking. This is how one moves into a place of growth.

So here I am, the artist in me, seeing out the odd and imperfect. Will I find it, who knows, but what I do know, is the odd and imperfect, is where the interesting life really is...


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