New Beginnings...

I am leaving in a few hours for the Model Schools Conference in Washington, DC. Although I went last year and had a great time, I am hoping that this conference will be the beginning of a new and exciting year. The pre-conference has already brought about some excitement...both our principal and vice-principal are leaving and pursuing other positions, our head secretary and registrar are also new. It will be quite the change.

One year ago I came home from the model schools conference on fire with excitement. I was ready to charge forward, impacting others. A small team of us had been talking and planning for four days, excited at the new possibilities. Needless to say, circumstances interceded and disaster happened. A disaster that was never recovered from.

I am ready for new beginnings, a cohesion that hasn't been this year. I am ready to put the hurt feelings behind me and start over, try to find the place within where joy can bloom again. New beginnings require work and cooperation. I know that I need to do my part of the solution. I can't stand by and wait for someone else to solve the problem, I need to be willing to step up.

The story of this school year has ended. There is no going back and, frankly, there is no amount of money that could encourage me to return. This year has ended and all that goes with it is being put away...this end, which is welcome, is just the beginning of something new...


  1. wow. Sending a prayer your way that you get a new vision of what life has planned for you. You sound like a wonderful, dedicated teacher.


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