Nearing the end...

It seems strange that in just three short days this school year will be over. I remember last summer, feeling excited for the new year...what it would bring and then the middle of the year, just praying that it would be over.

It has never lacked for craziness or drama, it has been the biggest roller coaster of my teaching life. Although there will be a (small) part of me that is sad, I think the biggest emotion I will feel is relief...relief that it is done and time to heal from the wounds that are (sadly) quite deep.

I have not lost hope completely...I work with some great people, people who have the same dreams and hopes for my school as I do. Some of the deeper wounds will take longer for us all to heal, but ultimately we will draw together, and move forward, trying to build up what has been destroyed.

This is what we do...we are teachers...we are there for our kids. There will always be those who have a different agenda, who are on a different path, but I am happy to be in the trenches, locked arm-in-arm with others who are down there too. Together, we can rebuild it...we have the technology (well, actually, we don't really have the technology, but that's another blog post all together!)....


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