My one more...

Today was one of those know, when you (apparently) are babbling at your partner at 5 am, not making sense until you say, "never mind," where you oversleep anyway, where your brain is so foggy a single thought can't get through. That (plus two nails I broke off below the quick) was how I started my day. The whole day has comprised of a deep level, bone tired, exhaustion I haven't experienced in awhile. I am clearly reaching the wall...the end of the year. I know I can make it, we all will, it just seems that these days, which have about a million things happening in them, will simultaneously crawl and fly by. I have work to do, papers to grade, and I can't stay awake, I can't focus. I must go to sleep. Normally, I am the night owl, but I have hit the wall and it's only a Monday. Tomorrow brings more end of the year follies, but my hope is that it also brings with it a rested me...we can only be what we can be, but sometimes I wish I could be awake and asleep at the same time and feel refreshed in the morning! Sometimes reaching this point means being done, but sometimes it means doing one more thing. This is my one more...and tomorrow it will be completing my tasks, but for now...I must sleep.


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