Miracles are unfolding...

Sometimes it doesn't take much to remind you that bigger things are in play...a simple word, a pat on the back, a hug from a friend. 

Today this was my email from Brave Girls Club, a reminder that miracles unfold in our lives. We had an event at school tonight where I was gleefully greeted by former students, a miracle in a time where I have struggled to feel connected. I watched 230, 7th grade students present a giant project that they have been working on for some time, a miracle that reminds me that even at the end, students can do great work. Parents and family members came to school to see said students, a miracle in reminding me that even in our poor community, families come out for their children. I was told by some co-workers that I shouldn't feel like I am on an island, a miracle in healing my heart.

Small miracles can carry us through the hardest of times. Even though I am celebrating that the year is coming to an end, I am reminded that for many of my students, the end of school brings uncertainty...about food, supervision, continuity. My heart is there for them...I remember those times as a youth. Miracles will unfold for them as well...maybe not like mine, but ones that will (hopefully) remind them of how cherished and loved they are by their community as well!


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