Magical People...

There are times when magic enters our lives. Sometimes we know it immediately and then others we discover as we go. Occasionally, the magic reveals itself to us long after it has entered our lives. There have been many instances of magical people who have wandered through my life and I am grateful and feel blessed that I have been touched by each of them. When magic enters your life, it is important to recognize it, embrace it, cherish it.

It seems that the most magical people in my (recent) life have been women, which is ironic because throughout my younger life I felt most connected to men. Some of my closest friends, as a young woman, were males...maybe it was because I was not good at the girl drama scene. Having grown up with lots of girl drama, daily school life was not the place I wanted more. Ironically this is still true for me to this day. As I have become an adult, there has been a shift and overall find I am closer to women. I think I am comfortable to say that each of my closest, most magical friends have come to me in a time that is totally unexpected.

When times are difficult, magical people often come into your life. When my youngest was born and so many wavered, one of those women came charging through. Ironically, I had known her for years, but it was at that moment when the magic began. Her magic brings unexpected things in the mail, occasional conversations, and a deep friendship. She is indeed magical and when we see one another I feel her strength. Another came when I was pregnant with the sweetest boy, but ironically, I didn't realize how magical she was until years later. The magic she brings has sustained me through many difficult times. More magic came one fall day years ago. It seemed like nothing special, offering some post-its, a few pencils. This magic has brought joy to my life, warmth to my heart...

There are others that I could speak tree-loving friend, my map loving friend, my wave loving-math loving friend, my science friends...each magical person that enters your life is brought there for a reason...sometimes it's so you can give them the magic, sometimes take. Either way...the magic is there. Who is the portal doesn't matter...what matters is that the magic lives on.


  1. Funny but your post brings up longing in me, longing for people who touched my life magically long ago and longing for folks who bring their magic to ordinary daily life. Here's to open portals!

  2. Your lucky to have such wonderful friends. I find my magic through my sister.


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