Knowing yourself...

Life is a journey. Sometimes we take this journey by intricately planning each step and reaching out to others along the way, or other times we take the steps along this journey by accident. We often reach markers along the path which trigger opportunities to delve deeper into ourselves. Knowing ourselves is where true wisdom lies. We only get one shot at this life and learning all the intricacies about ourselves gives critical information to continually improve ourselves and our life. 

For many, the constant struggle between the desire for personal and professional power and the desire to build a quality life becomes a paradox. The struggle to move forward professionally can, at times, actually halt personal growth. We all want to feel respected and acknowledged, but the desire for these can become a roadblock in seeing ourselves fully.

Traveling the journey of life is about mastering yourself. Taking positive steps forward means you not only nurture yourself, but lift those around you as well.

Each step is movement closer to finding our true selves, our core being, the person we want to grow old with...ourselves.


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