Growing miracles...

I do not have a green thumb. I have difficulties growing practically everything. I can kill the unkillable plant, have the inability to successfully grow a garden, have a brown thumb all around. What I do have the ability to do grow miracles. When I look at my youngest son, the cutest boy, I realize that he is a miracle. I have grown him...raised him up from a place where they didn't think he would made it to the healthy boy he is now. There have been many times when things have been difficult...moments when I wasn't sure that things would be okay, but we've held on and a miracle has grown. There have been times to mourn what could have been, times to rejoice, times to watch the miracle grow.

Times that are the most difficult are the times to look for the miracles to grow. It is hard, for someone like me with a brown thumb, to not throw in my gardening trowel and give up. Instead I need to look at the fertile soil, the rich earth, and plant the seeds of a miracle. Don't be distracted by the outside world, the things of frustration, the difficulties, but instead rejoice with every moment, each shoot of a miracle, poking through the earth. It takes a different set of glasses to see these miracles, but they are there, ready to be revealed.

So when difficulties come upon us, when it seems that there is no way out, remember that there is an element of green thumb in all of us...we can make miracles grow. We just need to be patient and they will come.


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