The feeling of freedom is a strange and beautiful one...almost like when you are young and you fling your shoes off and run through the grass, the feeling of the blades running in between your toes. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, not a care in the world.

As we grow older, it is more and more difficult to feel true freedom, as we are often bogged down by the stress of everyday life.

Freedom is the feeling of lightness, not a care in the world (or maybe less cares), buoyancy.  Freedom also means that you can speak your mind, without the feeling of repercussion, stand for what you believe, even if very few stand with you.

Freedom is something that we all deserve...the right to feel confident in our own skins, in our own world. Freedom is a concept sought by many and, truly experienced by few.

I will declare today the beginning of step at a time, one blade at a time, we can achieve freedom...we don't even have to take our shoes off...we can just bask in the sun, making daisy chains,


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