Words we utter...

I am back in a place where my heart is broken. I am sure that if you are a consistent reader, you have begin to feel the bi-polarness of my writing but I am not sure what to do. I look at my place of work and I am heart broken. My heart literally hurts...I feel like I have been hit by a train. I want it all to end. There are eleven more days and I have never in my teaching career been more ready for the year to end. I am counting the days...in a way that I have never done before.

Words are powerful and they can be painful. They can be isolating. Words can remind you that you are on an island, separate...what you have given up and thought you invested in. Words can cut through the soft places in your flesh and thrown you into the cesspool of the world...then...

"You are the perfect foam of expresso on my Americano. You are the new Ticonderoga pencils in my pencil pouch. You are the dairy free chocolate chips in my paleo brownie. You are the stretchy band that keeps the hair out of my face. You are the Kleenex that wipes tears...and snot. You are heated seats, scarves, Pandora, and voodoo doll keychains. You are smiles through the aches and pains; laughter through the tears. You are Pom Poms, bionicles, and spirit sticks; flash mobs and random dance offs. You are hope, optimism, inspiration, and encouragement. You are pride, strength, and integrity. You are comfort, like mashed potatoes or pizza. You are my very best friend. <3"

there are the words that soothe your wounded heart and soul and bring you home.


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