The Tiny Buddha...

Yesterday I discovered a website called Tiny Buddha which has a variety of stories, quotes, etc. that can be applied to a variety of instances in one's life. This past year has been about finding quietness and peace in my own mind and soul, so finding the Tiny Buddha was a place I was happy to stumble upon. This life of mine has recently been, and continues to be, a journey, one where I am looking in many directions for knowledge and help.

I am seeking knowledge from all places, looking outward, and looking within. Growing up in the Quaker faith gave me a foundation for seeking and yearning, and now, although no longer a practicing Quaker, I am seeking again. I am reaching out to great faiths of the world, gleaning from them all that I can, grabbing the pieces that speak to me most, building my own path of spirituality. The beginning of this journey was about stilling the mind, so I have made meditation has an integral piece of my day. Once I have mastered this, I will move on to the next path. My personal enlightenment may come from many places. I am comfortable with this path, although others may not be. I believe this is why spirituality is each man's individual path to walk. One religion or belief system may fully speak to you, while for others, like me, it may not. I am a seeker...I will continue to see what the universe has for me.

I have an affinity for this tiny Buddha, sending peace out to others. I am seeking peace as well, peace of mind, peace of spirit, peace in my soul. I think for these next days, I will carry this tiny Buddha in my heart.


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