Stillness inside...

"The calm mind is like a still pond, reflecting the beauty of the full moon. You will be able to receive the truth and your perceptions will be correct. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

These last few months I have really been working on ways to still my mind. I have always had issues with my mind running even when I wanted it to stop. This stilling of the mind has been an area of focus for me. Quieting my mind...being still in a world that is not.

Stilling the mind in this world of technology can be takes work. Every day...

Over this last year I have really tried to take this on in my life...stilling the voices in my head. My whole life has been about noise in my my life. Growing up was all about noise and chaos. Now I want it to be about peace, silence, and stillness...

I am stilling the voices in my head, stilling the inside, in my heart. Through meditation and chants...I come forward to find the inner peace that I so desire.


  1. Your writing reflects a peace that must be already settling within you.

  2. I understand what you mean. I've made my life much more quiet during the past year and a half. Yoga and writing helps.

  3. Love the picture. Where's it from? Stillness is one the 8 habits of Love, necessary to keep focus, be happy,and build relationships. For me, empty nest has made quiet easier to find yet lonely at times.


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