Shaping the future...

This last few weeks have been about reflection and looking towards the future. Tonight I came across this video which is a reminder of why this is so important. Although it is a bit lengthy, I promise that it is entirely worth viewing.

When I think about my life, my son, my future, I wonder, at times, what I am leaving behind to remember me by. Don't get me wrong, I am not feeling morbid or sad or desperate, but rather thoughtful, maybe even a bit inspired.

I teach for a living, have a medically fragile son, am the mother to three grown children who are in various stages of their own lives. I want to feel like this life that I have made for myself has made a difference. I am not saying that I need to go down in the annuls of history, but that somewhere I have made an impact, somewhere I will be remembered for the passions that I students, my children, my community.

When I look at this young man, who lived knowing he was dying, it reminds me how precious our life is. We can't dwell on the things we can't control, over the pieces of our lives that seem unbearable and overwhelming, but rather remember that we are one human being, who has the ability to impact those around us in a good or bad way. We can choose. This is how we shape our own future...

This will be my focus...I am going to continue to shape my future...there are people in my life who are counting on it and that makes it all the worth it!


  1. Inspirational post! There are people counting on us which is easy to forget sometimes.

  2. You have a remarkable attitude and strength. Sharing that is a gift to us all.

  3. So often I think about which is worse, living with the knowledge that death is coming or having death take you by surprise. Zach made the most of his time here. Thank you for sharing.


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