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This past few weeks we have been having "secret teacher spirit days" where the teachers are dressing up without the students knowing about it. It has been pretty amazing. Last week all the teachers wore super hero shirts (or shirts that had cartoons) and today it was Sports day. Students are noticing. They are asking questions, "Why are the teachers all wearing Sports shirts? Why didn't anyone tell us?" I love it.

This year, as I have mentioned before, has been a rough one where there hasn't been a lot of unity. What there has been is back biting, criticism, and frustration. Although this seems like a small step, it feels powerful. Unfortunately, not everyone is participating. I don't know why and I don't want to draw any conclusions.  That would be counter-productive and unhealthy. What I have noticed is who is participating! Our Administrators!! This is totally awesome!

In a year where there has been a lot of frustration and a feeling of a lack of communication, having our administrators step up and participate in this seemly small thing is a step towards unity.

It's time for us all to step up. It's time to make the commitment toward our group effort...what do we want? Let's decide...

I am ready to make the individual effort toward the group effort...that is what this is about...moving forward, making changes, building something that's worthwhile...let's begin!


  1. Well done, Shannon! All it takes, sometimes, is one small change, one little step, and then the floodgates open and you see changes tumbling over themselves to meet you. I'm sure you'll see unity in the days and weeks ahead. All the best.

  2. What a great idea. Working together, to do something the kids are going to really enjoy. Hope the rest of the staff slowly join in.


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