Finding Joy...

In a world where chaos abounds, happiness can sometimes be difficult to find. This past week I have lived in a space where I have felt overrun by the negative, crushed by those around me who were refusing to look to a better place. Today I am choosing to move to a place where I choose happiness because after all life is about choice!
This weekend has been good. I am starting to feel better health-wise and today I went and saw a Portland Thorns Women's Soccer game. The Thorns are a professional team that boasts both women from both the US Women's National Team as well as the Canadian National Team. I love soccer and watching today definitely made me happy. There is something about being outside on a beautiful day with others who enjoy the same thing to lift my mood.

That's what it's all about...finding the things that bring you joy. Sometimes finding your joy can be difficult and overwhelming, as has been evident over this past week, but sometimes it's just about finding joy in the small things. That will be my focus this next few weeks, these last weeks of school, looking for the small things that bring me joy. 

I need to focus on where I am going, not where I have been. The past is behind me literally, so it's time to start looking toward a better and brighter future. I am ready for good things to come and realize that I need to be a part of that future. I want to be living, not looking to live. 

I want to move in the direction of taking back my joy...after's time!


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