Becoming a butterfly...

It is time to begin to build my heal. Time to wrap my world around me and wait for the healing to begin. It has slowly begun...It seems there are some in my midst who are willing to overturn the applecart, willing to destroy things so they can say that they have won...say that they have been victorious.

Once I emerge, I want to look around me and see that the change has begun. It is time. We cannot move forward as we are, we must move forward anew.

When it feels that things are coming to an end, we must wrap the cocoon around us, for safety, for warmth, and rest the healing rest that is required. Only after that time will we emerge anew, ready to take on the world, make the changes necessary for success.

There are thirteen days left of this school year. Thirteen days until the time has arrived to begin. This has been a brutal one for me filled with heartbreak, disappointment, questioning, sickness and more sickness. I am beginning to surround myself with a cocoon of healing. I know that I have not reached the end, but I am beginning to shut down. The end is near and I am so very tired. Once I reach the time, when the thirteen days has arrived, I will close my cocoon and rest the healing rest that is required.

Only when the healing has occurred will I begin to open the cocoon again and emerge, ready to take on the next challenge. I will recognize that this is a new beginning, and I will emerge a butterfly, ready to begin...ready to fly.


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