Yesterday's Troubles...

One of the most difficult things about life, in general, is trying not to dwell on yesterday. We, as humans, have a tendency to perseverate on things of the past rather than look forward into our future. We cannot change the past, it happened, yet we are constantly looking back, expecting something different.  It is important to learn life lessons, but we must not reside in the place of the past..

Moving forward to a new chapter is healthy...building new life, new dreams, new hopes. Living backwards means that there is not room for new growth...we are looking inward instead of beyond.

Waking every day with a hope and plan of life anew allows for refreshing and renewing of relationships, for beginnings rather than ends. Life is about constructing from the ground up...once the solid foundation is built, we can move on, look beyond. Revisiting the foundation over and over stagnates our personal growth and our ability to grow with others.

At the beginning the growth is small, like a tiny snowball moving down a vast hill. Soon, it picks up speed and size, and, running behind, we are all able to enjoy and celebrate life anew.


  1. I always say, you wouldn't drive looking backwards right? So why do we look back and live forward? Makes no sense.


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