When Alice was entering Wonderland, she had to decide to drink or eat. Once she drank out of the bottle, she shrank so small she couldn't open the wonderful door, but when she ate the cake, she grew too big. Once she entered Wonderland, she was met by a variety of creatures...was it a dream? Was it real?

I am in Wonderland...wondering do I drink or eat?  What would happen? Would I become so small if I drink that I would be powerless and unable to do anything? If I eat and grown so large will I become an obstacle to change? Would I get in the way of movement? I want to be part of the change...part of the next step. I want to be small enough to hide, not get in the way...but big enough where my voice is heard, where I am part of the solution.

The creatures I encounter have varying personalities, some try to sway my mind, some try to show a world that is fiction, while others are walking beside me, seeking the way...as I walk around Wonderland, I look around...wondering who it is that wants to discover the truth of the land and who wants to build a story.

Wonderland is full of adventures and amazing creatures...Creatures that bring joy, while others bring fear and chaos...I want to be a part of the story...the story that reveals the truth of Wonderland...where no one is too small or too big to make a difference and every one's voice is heard!


  1. Your wonderland would be a wonderful land.

  2. I think that what is important here is that if you shrank, you would do so in proportion. You'd be like a similar triangle version of your old self.


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