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For the last while, I have been borderline obsessed with Doctor Who. I have made it through four seasons so far and have begun Season 5. There is something about the show that, not only brings me back to my childhood, but makes me dream a bit.

During my childhood, when I was at my grandparent house, I would watch Star Trek with my Uncle. Since he was (is) just 11 years older than me, he was often more like an older brother than an uncle. We would watch Star Trek, then go play basketball, rinse and repeat. My love from Science Fiction grew from being around him. Then came my love for Star Wars (OMG...I cant even begin on that one!), but somehow I missed out on Doctor Who. I am not sure why or how, but I seem to have missed the memo.

So, here I am, revisiting my childhood with my nerdy, Sci-Fi self, and am watching Doctor Who. I plop myself down in front of the computer every night, watching The Doctor. I imagine myself as the Doctor's companion, visiting worlds from afar. Imagining not just traveling about the world, but through space and time. It would be amazing.

Every time I sit down, watching Sci-Fi, I remember those times with my Uncle...on the couch, with my feet swinging off the side. During those I was probably a big, giant irritant to him, but, as I fondly remember now,  they really were some of the best memories from my childhood.


  1. I've never seen Dr. Who! But I love that it brings you back to those happy childhood memories with your uncle. That's really cool! :)

  2. Sweet and well-written too. Kin of makes me want to see a Dr. Who episode. Those type of memories are so special, when a male relative spent time with us. It brings back memories.

  3. I loved watching Star Trek too, but Dr Who looks scary. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Awesome memories. It is the little things in life that means so much.


  5. I haven't really succumbed to Dr Who yet, though I expect I will one day (then wonder why I waited so long). Nice stories about your uncle. :)

    Rinelle Grey


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