There are areas of our lives where we are helpless and there are areas where we have SuperPowers...I am a mother of four and a teacher, guess where I use my powers?

Being a mother requires many skills, some of which I performed well and others, well, I must say that I could have done a better job. I guess as a parent, we can all say that there are times when we could have done a better. I can think of many, but know that I did the best job that I could do at the time.

Being a teacher? Now that's a job that requires SuperPowers...Sometimes when I think of the magnitude of the job, it is more than overwhelming. I am educating the future...teaching those who will be leaders, CEO's, visionaries, inventors, teachers. I am helping to shape the minds of those who will be shaping the minds of others. It can sometimes be both a daunting and overwhelming task. I realize the profound impact that I have to potential to make.

Each of my teacher friends carry this same burden...we are building our future. Each time I hear about teachers having an easy job, three months off in the summer, or any other complaint about education, I just want to ask them...

"I teach, what's your SuperPower?"


  1. Patience is a superpower and so is teaching. People overlook teachers too much of the time.


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