Quietness of mind...

I grew up attending the Quaker church. I guess I would say that I am Quakerish. I love looking into other faiths like Buddhism and Islam, asking about the good things that are within their belief system. One thing that I love about Quakerism is that there is a sense of quietness, looking within. Meditation is a way to achieve peace.

Tranquility within one's mind is often difficult...mind running into the evening and night. Quietness does not come easily. Mind often running even when sleeping, sometimes it is never still.

How does one achieve a sense of serenity? The stillness that eases your soul when the chatter won't stop...

Looking within and finding the peaceful place can help...speaking words of calm repose.

Om tare tutare ture soha...liberate my mind from discontent and fear


  1. I love quiet and meditation. Our world is too loud and busy...

  2. My father's side of the family were Quaker but we were not...although, I always say that my background is Quaker...I have that personality...and sometimes wonder if there is a gene that determines that kind of personality that would draw people to certain religions or beliefs.


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