Pain is our body's way of warning us that something is going on. It is a signal that we have overextended, overdone, or need to stop doing something that is the cause of the pain. Pain helps us plan for the future...why continue something that is causing pain?

I used to get chronic migraines and, it seems, that although I have managed them for the last few years, this month I am "lucky" enough to get three in three weeks. It is literally a pain!

The world we live in is a body and, right
now, it is in pain. Bombings that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the explosion at the Texas Fertilizer Plant, District Attorney killings in Texas, shootings tonight at MIT, bird flu spreading in China, Migrant worker shootings in Greece, North Korea threatening to use a missile. This week our world is in broken.

To heal, we must change what we are doing. We cannot continue going in the same direction expecting a different result. We must come together, look at the wound, do triage, then plan for long term healing.

For me, some medicine and sleep will help, but for our world? We must look deep in ourselves and figure out how we are going to stop the pain.


  1. There's always someone worse off than we are.
    It's something I try to keep reminding myself. It's something I try to keep reminding my husband. But, when you live the pain every day, it's hard to focus on that statement. I pray for a everyone affected by the events lately. But most of all, I pray we can find a "change" for my husband. See, he suffers chronic migraines (4-5 a week). Yes, a week. Sometimes daily. So, I can totally understand this post. It's hard being the outsider, watching someone go through this pain every day, without being able to help. I'm learning that just being there is the only thing I can do. Let's hope we all can figure out a way to make the change and stop going through the pain.

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)


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