Opinion: a personal view

I am a woman of opinion...

I was raised by a strong, opinionated woman who believed that it is important that a woman is strong. I realized that being strong and opinionated can sometimes go awry, but I would rather work within my strength than be meek and run over. If I hurt your feelings...I apologize...that is not my intent...never my intent.

I am willing to work within the boundaries, but I also feel that having heated discussions where opinions are given, disagreements can be had, agree to disagree and still be friends at the end are also important. It is how ideas are vetted, ideas are put into motion.

I think about a time when I was training for the Portland Marathon with one of my closest friends and we would spend our walking time, walking and talking (and these were long, long walks!). She is fairly conservative and we rarely agree on anything, so although we spent most of our time "arguing." We have long ago agreed to disagree. The beauty of it? At the end, we are still friends...

I am a woman of opinion...I am not ashamed. I fight hard for the things I value, the things I love...I will listen to reason, to others...I will engage in lively conversation.

I am a woman of opinion...let's share.


  1. I am a woman of opinion too. There are certain topics my sister and I just can't talk about! (But we're still friends!) I admire you and your friends ability to discuss your differences and agree to disagree. It's a great skill I think.

    Rinelle Grey


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