Neverland...where childhood never ends...a place where rules don't matter because it's a place ruled by children.

Peter Pan, a special boy who can fly, makes a life of tormenting Captain Hook and Smee. He is a prankster and lover of life. His faithful companion, Tinkerbell, is a mischievous fairy, who is always encouraging Peter to be brave but never grow up. The Lost Boys, a squirrelly group of boys, adore Peter and follow him blindly as they engage in play and hijinks's.

There are times in my life, like now, that I have felt that I live in Neverland...directionless. A boat without a sail, floating aimlessly. The adult in me wants to know what's next, know who's in charge. The child in me wants to run and play. I am willing to engage, willing to be a part of the team, but there is no one who wants to stand at the beginning of the line and lead.

So I am stuck in Neverland.

Neverland is run by children...Neverland is a land of no responsibilities...Neverland is a land of fun...

Sometimes having no responsibilities is great until you realize that work isn't getting done, the garbage is piling up, nothing is moving forward. Frustration builds and the children run wild. The lack of rules makes misbehaving a habit.

Neverland is free and open, but the lack of structures means that there is chaos. With only a single tree filled with trap doors and exit, following the rules in unnecessary because escape is easy. How can we make Neverland into a place where fun and play exist harmoniously with work and responsibility?

We need to find a leader....a leader who is willing to dance on the tables and shout out, while gently supporting and guiding those who need help. A leader who sees the bigger picture, but builds more structures, realizing that without a foundation, nothing gets accomplished. A leader who has a heart for play and a love for life...who leads by example with respect and graciousness.

In Neverland, the Lost Boys and Peter should work harmoniously, with Peter leading the way. With the Darling flying by his side, Peter could lead us all to this new Neverland, one where play and work live together so intertwined it is hard to tell them apart.

To get to this place, we could all fly together...holding hands to the second star on the right and straight til morning.


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