Remember when the word "like" described how you felt about someone? "I like you...a lot!" It was the word we used before the other L

Now the word "like" is used in different ways, not necessarily ones that express an emotion of feeling. For instance, as a pause phrase in a sentence:

"I, like, watched him walk away. It was, like, painful!"

Describing a situation:

"He looked like he was gonna barf. He was green."

And most commonly on Facebook...the land of "Likes"

"Status Update: I ate a ham sandwich for lunch."
All of the sudden we see...

Why is it so important that we are "liked" on Facebook. Why do we crave this feedback from others. It is so we have a Sally Field moment winning the Oscar, "You like really, really like me!" Are we so shallow that we rely on the input of others, making sure that we are "liked."

I mean, really, it feels good to be liked. Having those warm fuzzy feelings that someone finds you attractive, intelligent, funny, kind, personable...but is that the same as having someone push a button on a website saying they liked your ham sandwich?

Maybe there should be virtual like" buttons that give us immediate feedback on how we are making others feel. They could like our actions and words and we would get a virtual like. I think that has potential because after all...I want to be liked too...I really, really do!


  1. I was so hoping you'd like me....

    What amuses me about Facebook is that it was not so long ago that people did not discuss politics, money, sex or religion in polite company. Precisely because it would lead to contention. Now, people post to their Facebook statuses with angry threats to unfriend anyone who disagrees.

  2. Great musings on "like"
    Facebook is a great social networking site, but I think people reveal WAY too much personal info.
    I'm popping in from the A to Z challenge. *waving*

    Writer In Transit

  3. Words do take on different meanings over time, don't they. I liked this!

  4. This was an awesome post. Like has certainly evolved over time. I had never really thought about it, but you nailed it. I am afraid I want to be liked too.


  5. My family and I actually say "lol" (like it's a word) when something is kind of funny. (We do it as a joke, pointing out the irony of the changing communication styles these days.) But sometimes it seems like we're going to get to a day when people just say that instead of laughing. Or when someone says something our response is just going to be to give them a thumbs up and say "like." Who needs conversations any more, right. ;)


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