Have you ever really thought about the act of kissing? Two pairs of soft lips pressed together, emotion being transmitted from one pair to the other. Kissing is one of the most intimate acts we can engage in with another person. Most people think that sex is the most intimate, but if you really think about it...kissing tops the list.

Kissing is that first foray into a relationship, the first step in opening ourselves up to another. Relationships are complicated, both those of the romantic nature and those of the platonic. Deciding if you want to take a relationship to the "next level" can be heart wrenching. Opening your heart and soul to another is intimate, exciting, and frightening.

When we are young, we anxiously await our first kiss, that first connection with another human that we aren't related to. Often these first connections are found behind shrubs, buildings, nooks and crannies hidden away for these private meetings.

Our first real relationship, where you begin to open your heart, should involve a lot of kissing. I think of my own teenage years, where hand holding a kissing were signs of a relationship. Now, sadly, many young people engage in far more advanced methods of connections, often sexual acts that have now been marginalized as entries into a relationship. Kissing, deep and full kissing, is often not a part.

Kissing, that connection that we have with others, is often under appreciated. It doesn't have to be romantic kissing, but kissing to those we have other types of connections with, our children, our friends. In other countries, it is common to kiss others on the mouth, a practice not regularly performed in the United might wonder's because of the intimacy of it all.  Many Americans don't feel comfortable performing such an "intimate act" with others.

I am a kisser, luckily, I married a kisser...we kiss our children, on the lips, regularly. My husband is from another country which makes his kissing others acceptable, but some people look at me and it doesn't make sense, but I'm a kisser never-the-less. My youngest son and I have regular kiss-fests...when I come home from work, before he goes to bed. It is an intimate time when I feel the most connected to him. My heart and my feelings are being transmitted to him and accepted.

I will continue to kiss and profess to others the importance of kissing. Kissing is crucial, it is the transmission of love. Every time you kiss another, think of its you are sharing love and affection to another...through the simple act of kissing.


  1. Nice Post - I believe kissing is very intimate too! Even a kiss on the cheek is a lovely form of affection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I kiss my dog every day!!!! But also I agree that kissing others in greeting and leaving is such a powerful thing to do.

    Just off to kiss the dog (and husband)

  3. One of my favorite works of art is Rodin's "The Kiss." Shannon very good article about the art of kissing. Kissing is like hugging. MWAH to you ;)

  4. XOXOX
    (Sorry. Had to post that - after reading what you wrote.)


    Visiting from GBE 2: Blog On.
    Happy weekend!

  5. I agree - kissing is the most intimate. A nice take on the prompt.

  6. This is one of the nice things about living with Russia. (They say about cellist Mstislav Rostropovich--"He kissed anything that moved."


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