Just Stop....

Note: This might be more of my opinion than you like...I am sorry if you don't agree. I am comfortable agreeing to disagree...Just my thoughts today!

Today I had another migraine...I am over it. Two awful headaches in two weeks requiring medication...Ugh! Sometimes I want to tell my body...stop, JUST STOP!!! Stop hurting, stop! I have had enough...

There are so many times this year I want to say: Just Stop!

To my students: Just Stop! I know that you think that you know what it's going to be like in high school, but you don't. I really have knowledge here and I want to help you...Trust me!

To the Parents: Just Stop! Stop blaming others and help us help your student. Know that your vote matters. We want to support your student...we love them too, but we can't without money and volunteer time. Come to events, let us help you, help them...

To my district: Just Stop! I know that the OAKS test is important (our state assessment), but we need to focus on teaching our students to think. Over the last five years or so they have lost that ability. They need to analyze, take apart information, ponder!!! I am a teacher, not standardized test giver...I may be preaching to the choir of teachers, but stop! We need to give kids feedback that is more than three digits long!

To my elected officials: Just Stop! Stop thinking that the school system needs less. Our system is broken. We are focused on the test (see above) and are forgetting that some districts (like ours) have a large population of poor children. We cannot nourish their minds if their bodies aren't nourished. You have cut all programs that supported children and families. Help us...if we want to compete with other countries, we must take care of the basic needs first. I buy snacks and my kids go through them because they come to school hungry. I understand they have nice clothes and cell phones but that's because when you are very poor, not looking poor is a priority...Stop paying $20,000 a day to house one prisoner who gets free food and education and let's educate and feed a student to help them be productive...

To my government: Just Stop! Stop bantering about gun control, funding the military, raising your salary. Stop playing around! Make choices, not just have conversation! You should abide by our same rules, take the same cuts that we, as tax payers have to, educate your children with the same services. There should not be the haves and the have nots that there is now...poor children are bright and want the same opportunities as their wealthy counterparts...Stop playing around! Make some decisions....Work until you get it done...Ask those who really have the information. Just stop pretending that you know it all! Work for your salary...You represent me and those around me....Just stop pretending you are on an island!

Days like today...I want to say Just Stop...stop blocking progress, open doors, make pathways, let me teach children, let children authentically learn, quit making everything difficult, spend more money...these children truly are our future and I want them to thrive...We must make a choice and a difference...not later...NOW!!!

"Poverty must not be a bar to learning and learning must offer an escape from poverty." 
~Lyndon B Johnson


  1. Love this! Love you. Sending no more headache vibes your way. -Tawna

  2. Shannon, this is a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I totally agree! I think we all get to a point where we just want to yell "stop" to all the people over-complicating our system & preventing others from reaching their full potential.

  4. Sorry to hear about your migraine.

    You made some good points in your post. I agree about thinking v test prep.

    Claire's Writing Log
    Twitter: @ClaireGoverts

  5. Great post! Very real frustration and so many good points. Stop signs work because people choose to obey them (for the most part) because of the benefits associated with them. It works because we generally agree that we don't want to crash into each other at high speeds. Other agreements are so hard to come to...


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