Food, Friendship, and Family...

I come from a family where gatherings involve food. Every celebration, loss, or gathering involves some type of meal....small nibbles or large sit is involved.

Food is representative of gathering in many cultures. Coming together to share a meal is a way to open your heart and hearth to another. World leaders meet over food, even the poorest of us often dine together. There is a sense of community in the sharing of food.

Sadly, not everyone has experienced this kind of fellowship, where joining of generations over morsels, allows for sharing of thoughts and spirited conversation. Although these times in my own family may sometimes be uncomfortable, they are tradition, of sort.

Coming together lays the foundation for connectedness, bonding, opening the mind to ideas of others. I love the idea of "working lunches," "parties with snacks," togetherness.

I think that is where the greatest ideas come from..After all, as Julia Child says, "People who love to eat, are always the best people." If you were to ever to come my are welcome to join us for a meal! Really...the invitation is always open!


  1. I had a pastor oce that used to say "If there aint no food, there aint no fellowship".

    Last night I hosted 'ladies night" ant my house, and everyone stood around in the tiny kitchen, even though I have very comfortable furniture in the next room ... everyone wanted to be gathered around the "island" nibbling on veggie sticks and talking about life!

  2. Oh, I love this is a very important component and activity in our family. I love to cook and love to love my family with good food and their favorite treats. You can find me in the kitchen every night, about 5. And lucky for me, my husband does dishes. ;)

  3. Food can bring the world together LOL!
    Visiting from the UBP to link up and say HI! Hope you have a great day!


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