C is for Can...

Can...Can I? Can I do this? Can I complete the task? Can I? Can I?

Every day, we ask ourselves this question...Can I?

Throughout my life, I have asked myself whether or not I can do things?

Can I have the strength to protect my brother through the early years?

Can I leave my mother because I know it is best, even though it means leaving my brother?

Can I hold my jealousy and anger in check?

Can I be successful in school?

Can I follow my heart and leave?

Can I raise this child alone?

Can I trust my feelings for this man?

Can I fight for the life of my son against all odds?

Can I help raise these two boys as my own?

Can I make a life I am proud of?

Can I impact the lives of the children I teach?

Can I look beyond the shortcomings of others?

Can I look beyond my own?

I struggle with each and every decision in my life. We all struggle to make a choice we can stand by...be proud of. When you come across these choices when you ask yourself, Can I? The answer is Actually, I can!


  1. As Obama would tell you, yes you can ;).
    Jokes aside, believe in yourself!

  2. Sounds like you have tackled lots of really, really hard questions!


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