B is for bed

Rocking bed near the ocean? A dream for me...
Now, you might be thinking that this is a strange topic, but after an entire day spent in bed with a screaming migraine, this seemed like the appropriate topic for the day.

Have you really thought about the importance of your bed? It is the place that sets your body up for the following day. A poor nights sleep can affect your ability to function. Feeling tired can be a major destructor in our life.

I have always had issues with quality sleep. Insomnia has been the name of my game. About a month ago, I fell asleep on the couch while having a "camp-out" with my niece. It was one of the best nights sleep I had in a long time. This told me that my mattress was not conducive to good sleep. Let's just say that since then, a lot of sleeping has happened on the couch.

According to studies, sleep keeps your heart healthy, reduces the incidences of cancer and stress, sleep bolsters your memory, may help you lost weight, reduces depression, and helps the body make repairs. All of these things are crucial to healthy living...sleep helps us regenerate both mentally and physically...

Sleep is crucial to our personal and public well being. Being sleep deprived can cause us problems in our personal relationships, our work relationships, our ability to think. So, as you are reading this, think to yourself...am I happy with my bed? It may be one of the most important relationships we have...



  1. I couldn't survive without several hours of good sleep every night. All the coffee in the world just can't make up for it! Glad you got a good night sleep on the couch!

  2. Amen. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

  3. Have been dealing with insomnia for a while now, so I like this post, too.

    Hmm...maybe I'd better try sleeping on the couch.

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  4. I love my bed, but I want the one in the photo!

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  5. Just reading your post is making me sleepy! And like the previous poster, I want a night or two (or ten) in the bed in the picture. Sweet dreams!

  6. Carol's right. I feel sleepy too. :) I think we all allow sleep to take a back seat,althoguh so many studies point to the significance and importance of a solid night's sleep a night. Ohh. You're right. Now I feel like laying in a bed similiar to the pic you've posted. I want to make my bed cozier and more invited. It's lame. haha.

  7. Two thoughts: 1. I love that bed, but it's rocking the wrong direction! I want it to swing side to side like a hammock! 2. I never noticed how bad my bed is until I started running, but not sure if that's coincidence or correlation?

  8. It is funny--but when I'm tired, my bed calls me and my pillow seduces me. LOL. I love my sleep but I try to not out do my welcome. I'd rather be awake and not miss too much! :)

    Cheers, Jenn

  9. The bed in the photo looks so inviting! Thanks for sharing the reminder about why sleep is so important! I think I ran myself a little ragged in March...need more sleep! Good luck with the A-z challenge!

  10. The idea of a rocking bed by the sea is terrifying to me! I'm so not good with water. As to bed, it is a place I read before sleeping badly or not sleeping at all. Sleep is over-rated in my eyes. I feel worse for it! Wonder if there is a magic pill I can take to never have it bother me again? Cool post.

  11. So very true about sleep and health. My doctor (pulmonologist who is treating me for CTEPH) has said my PAH/CTEPH and many of my other serious conditions, including the congestive heart failure, are all at the root caused by an undiagnosed sleep disorder. He truly believes if we can treat the sleep disorder, my health will improve considerably, and that had it been treated prior, I might never have gotten sick.

    It's amazing how much sleep or the lack of it can affect! Great blog post! Insomnia is the absolute worst!

    As for beds, that picture suits me just fine... rocking to sleep by the ocean... oh yeah!

    Love and stuff,

  12. BED! One of my favorite place to lazy off the day! :) Beautifully written.

    - A fellow blogger from A to Z!

  13. I'm pretty frugal when it comes to spending money, but my bed will last longer, and take me further than a car, so spend big I did. I love my tempura mattress - even a top mattress can make all the difference... your line about sleep deprivation is so true - better sleep and more water would cure a lot of mental suffering - speaking of which I better get some for my fatigued brain now :)


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